Facts and figures

Capacity FIFA World Cup

Total seating for the FIFA World Cup: 44.308
Available via public ticket sales for the FIFA World Cup: 40.308
Covered seating throughout

Capacity national

Total seating: 44.308

Capacity international

Total seating: 44.308
Covered seating throughout


Capacity Premiership Matches

Total seating: 50.000
Seats: 36.771
Standing room approx.: 13.229
Business seats: 1.184
20 executive boxes providing a total of seats: 180
Wheelchair-accessible seats: 95
Seats for visually impaired spectators: 15
Media seats: 152
TV commentators‘ seats: 18
TV commentators‘ booths:: 2



2 changing rooms for players with separate revitalizing pool and massage facilities
Changing rooms for trainers and referees
Medical consultation and treatment rooms
Doping control room
Mixed zone for members of the press 300 sqm
BSK Lounge 225 sqm
3 TV studios
2 lounges for wheelchair-users incl. wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities

Grandstand Building

1,200 sqm VIP lounges on two levels for 1,000 VIP visitors
400 sqm multi-functional rooms on the 3rd floor

North-Western Bend

Police station with appropriate facilities
4 changing rooms for referees
2 open changing rooms for players and athletes with adjacent shower-rooms and toilet facilities
Storage and plant rooms

FCN Service Center

Service Center including FCN Fan Shop 350sqm
Roofed outside area 310 sqm

Fan Services

950 meter-long esplanade with up to 110 ticket booths and 34 catering points
(of which 12 are drinks only and 22 offer a variety of foods)

South-Western Bend

Police: operation control with central control room
Fire brigade: operation control
Emergency services: operation control
Stadium spokesperson
Media technology: control room for sound system and video screens
Building services engineering: central control room

Further Facilities

Athletics tracks conforming to international championship standards
turf irrigation system, fed by rain-water cisterns
Turf heating

Flood-light system, suitable for HDTV (1,800 lux utility value)
2 video screens (with LED-technology) measuring 60 sqm each
Fail-safe electricity supply due to separate supply lines and standby unit
Sound systems
18 CCTV cameras inside the stadium (6), in the grounds (8), and along access roads (4)
Signposting system for pedestrians at 31 points across the stadium grounds
Electronically controlled access-system
3 First Aid stations with 7 rooms

Total of Parking Spaces: 15,000
(including VIP parking inside the stadium: 205)